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Opera Oberta

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), in response to the proposal of the School of Music Studies and supporting its outreach initiatives and international collaborations, participates in the international academic program Òpera Oberta, ushering the participation of academic institutions in the English language.

The participation is implemented through the broadcasting of high quality network streams of opera compositions from the Gran Teatre del Liceu to the Teloglion Arts Foundation of A.U.Th. and their integration into an horizontal academic program, under the coordination of the School of Music Studies of A.U.Th.. Broadcasts are transmitted using multicast IP from the Liceu to the Catalan Research and Education Network, managed by CSUC, which is connected to the Spanish RedIRIS network. The high speed pan-European GÉANT network then transmits the performances across the continent to GRNET in Greece and finally to A.U.Th network infrastructure.

Each academic year, courses from Schools and Faculties of A.U.Th. affiliated in any way with the art of opera (eg drama, musicology, theater design, iconography, history, etc) register to the program. Students enrolled in these courses attend  the opera broadcasts and joint lectures, designed by instructors of the registered courses, earning academic credits through their respective curricula.

The program also involves the participation of students in the technical production of the transmissions, the translation, realization and sharing of the educational content in Greek and English languages and aims at the participation in the subtitling of live broadcasted opera plays.

In 2013-2014 the translation of educational content was realized in the context of the Post-Graduate Masters Programme in Conference Interpreting and Translation (specialization in Translation), Faculty of Philosophy of A.U.Th (Details).

The program also aims at the realization of supplementary academic content (eg educational material in joint courses) and artistic content (concerts prior to broadcasts) and their distribution to the international academic community of Òpera Oberta.

Academic supervisor: Evi Nika – Sampson, Associate Professor

Translation of educational content: Konstantinos Paleologos (Assistant Professor), Titika Dimitroulia (Assistant Professor)

Coordinator and responsible for participation of A.U.Th.: Dr. Dimitrios A. Adamos


Dr. Dimitrios A. Adamos
School of Music Studies
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